Web Analytics & Data Insights

Collecting the pieces and completing the puzzle of your online data mosaic. 

Use analytics, not assumptions, as the basis for your digital marketing efforts and decisions.

Web Analytics & Data Mining

We help our clients to migrate their mindset from assumption-based, ineffective, and (often) very costly traditional marketing channels to the more precise and trackable world of behavioural, demographic, and psychographic-rich online data analysis.  This trove of data is made possible and available through the correct application and usage of web analytics platforms, whether free or custom designed - you would probably be surprised to know how much data about your end-users and channels your sitting on and not taking advantage of!  We're fans of taking decisions based on hard evidence and real performance, not of spend big bucks on magazine 'audits' and supposed reader 'impressions'.

Easy & Tailored Reporting

Atelier ID ensures that all efforts required for planning and building web marketing programs and campaigns are being thoroughly tracked, analyzed, and followed-up on. In order to achieve this level of diligence, we make sure that all of your valuable data has been tracked and is readily available in easy-to-read reports or dashboards.  That way, your data and the insights they generate are ready to communicate to all levels of management, making further optimization, planning and decision-making much easier.  We feel that if we can help you make data-driven decisions based on a solid footing, then we're helping you make a better decision overall.

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