Social Media Marketing

Engage in a conversation with your community and get to know your customers.

At this point in time it would be sad to miss out on the opportunity to engage with your customers and community (even if it is notoriously hard to bring this segment of traffic to your actual website and even harder still to convert them into business.)

Nevertheless, at present, Social Media is single most valuable source of demographic and psychographic information for companies like yours.  Moreover, it's a critical channel for effective marketing and advertising campaigns with almost unlimited targeting opportunities.

We believe in the possibility of meaningful and mutually-enriching communication via social media no matter if your company B2B or B2C, whether you have an "exciting" or "boring" product.  It's less about the business model and the product, and much more about the creativity and intelligence you put into the campaign. And that's why we offer: 

  • social media strategy
  • competitive research
  • content strategy
  • special social media events design and implementation (such as contest, sweepstakes etc.)
  • social media advertising
  • content development

Also, don't forget: social media is becoming more and more important as a way of signalling the value and relevance of your brand to search engines. It's effect is quite dramatic, really.