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20 Xmas Gift Ideas For Crate Diggers: Krautrock & Doom Metal (Part 2 of 5)

We continue our guide to the most desirable fetish-objects for the seasoned shellac hoarders. Now it’s the turn of guitar music lovers. We have decided to stick to the obvious choice of the long-awaited 17xLP studio albums collection by Germany’s supreme avant rock collective Can on Mute and too-long-out-of-print Halloween coloured-wax edition of the drone metal epic “Black One” by Stephen O’Malley’s Sunn O))).

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Archives: Cabaret Voltaire reissue campaign

While on the reissue theme this week the most important could well be recently started re-evaluation of Cabaret Voltaire. Especially right now, when the current crop of techno-obsessed noise and avant-rock heads reign supreme (Prurient & Co) and dance music producers/labels use post-punk aesthetics to add an edge to their work (Blackest Ever Black, Regis, Powell). The market is apparently ripe and well-prepared with the new generation raised on industrial techno and noise hybrids. The timing could not be better.

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