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Laurel Halo's instumental-only "Chance Of Rain" released this week

Laurel Halo is set to release her newest fully instrumental and live-improvisation based "Chance Of Rain" via her new home at Hyperdub. While having perceptible difficulty translating her vivid music to compelling performances Halo nevertheless found enough inspiration for a whole record based on them. In contrast to last year's "Quarantine" new album bypasses endurance test of the electronically-untreated vocal experiments and comes back to lush electronic textures of "Hour Logic" framed by reassured rhythm sensibility found on producer's latest 12" releases.

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Dj Rashad's crossover-ready "Double Cup" released this week on Hyperdub

This week UK's dance-music royalty Hyperdub will finally release Dj Rashad's anticipated "Double Cup". The album has all the features to become definitive statement for the genre known as juke. Something akin to what Goldie's "Timeless" was for jungle. While there may not be as much innovation or character as on last year's full-length by Traxman, "Double Cup" is likely to win more people over with it's banging pop-friendly vocal sampling acrobatics and drum'n'bass-inspired rhythms. The combo that has already proved its high efficacy earlier this year on Rashad's own "Rollin'" EP". Read more and listen to preview inside. 

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