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15 Most Anticipated Electronic & Experimental Reissues Q4 2013 (Part 3 of 3)

Final five entries in our feature dedicated to 2013 Q4's most wanted electronic and experimental music reissues. This one focuses on rediscovered early 80's Buchla experiments by Charles Cohen on Rabih Beaini's reliable Morphine, long-awaited repress of main titles in Boards Of Canada illustrious back-catalogue, horror-soundtracks by Komeda and Harrisson just in time for Halloween, Artemiev's classic score for Tarkovsky, Cabaret Voltaire's fancy box-set and the latest issue in Jim O'Rourke's Old News series.

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Archives: Cabaret Voltaire reissue campaign

While on the reissue theme this week the most important could well be recently started re-evaluation of Cabaret Voltaire. Especially right now, when the current crop of techno-obsessed noise and avant-rock heads reign supreme (Prurient & Co) and dance music producers/labels use post-punk aesthetics to add an edge to their work (Blackest Ever Black, Regis, Powell). The market is apparently ripe and well-prepared with the new generation raised on industrial techno and noise hybrids. The timing could not be better.

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