Ron Morelli's "Spit" to be relased by Hospital Productions

Ron Morelli, the mastermind behind much-loved american dance revival label L.I.E.S. has uncanny ability to build up an enviable amount of anticipation with seemingly zero promotional activity on his behalf. While being busy gearing up end-of the-year releases for L.I.E.S. (new Legowelt 12" and KWC 92 imaginary soundtrack) the man has apparently dusted off his old drum machines to record first solo productions. The result is compiled on the full-length record lovingly christened "Spit". Allegedly album is inspired by Ron's decidedly grim experience living in one of the apartment buildings in unmentioned seedy neighbourhood frequented by chain-smoking hookers (it must be assumed somewhere in NYC).

In a somewhat confounding fashion "Spit" bypass L.I.E.S. to be release on increasingly dance music infatuated Hospital Production operated by industrial/noise demigod Dominik Fernow (Prurient, Vatican Shadow).  Judging by the first cut from the album "Modern Paranoia" we are to expect the usual fare of pounding drum machines, insistent repetition, analogue synth squeaks and overheated hi-hats. All self-consciously played live using unruly hardware and recording in one take.

Somehow doesn't feel super original in 2013... Nevertheless Morelli's taste, restraint and trained ear saves it from being another in thousands of "raw analogue jams" released into oblivion every day. Primarily by means of employing extremely monotonous patterns, which, over the span of the track prove to work the listener into submission. It ultimately left to be seen if "Spit" is going to improve on the premise. Meanwhile "Modern Paranoia" can be streamed below.