Art & Music: Takeshi Murata + Oneohtrix Point Never

US avant-synth, ambient and electronic music producer Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never have been our favourite among many synth-revivalists emanating from US underground in the early 00's. We are still absolutely in love with his early stuff recently re-released in a lavish 5-vinyl box-set by Software Records.

His parcours from fierce update on new age and synth soundtracks music to remixing Antony Hegarty and releasing album on fancy-as-can-be avant label Editions Mego has been pretty impressive so far. If there were few missteps down the road that would be collaborations. Slightly overcooked pastiche on synth-pop in the form of "Channel Pressure" LP produced with John Ford and unassuming collaboration with Tim Hecker, our own national hero of high-minded electronic music.

Lopatin's solo albums though have always stayed impeccable and true to his unique vision. "Returnal" marked simultaneous update of his early synth-stylizations with harsher noisier underside and faux-oriental scales most immediately resembling Brian Eno & Jon Hassell's "Fourth World Music Vol.1". "Replica", on the other hand, replaced the spotlight from synths to collages of samples, amping the sentimentality component.

Maybe to avoid repeating himself the teaser from hotly-anticipated new Oneohtrix Point Never album (now on Warp Records) sounds as cold and unemotional as fellow James Ferraro corporate-idents derived fantasia "Far Side Virtual". Lopatin's take on the formula is simultaneously quite more musical and gloriously precise.

It also helps that "Problem Areas" is accompanied by the video consisting of hypnotic montage of digital print artworks created by NYC-based artists Takeshi Murata for his "Synthesizers" exhibition (currently on display at Ratio 3 in San Francisco). Fittingly they depict details of ultra glossy and garishly colourful interiors and objets including McDonalds cups, "The Exorcist" VHS-box and cans of Coors Light. 

See yourself it is all quite spectacular.