Entertainment: Goblin tour in US & Canada

It's hard to believe but it's true. Goblin, the royalty of cult italian horror soundtracks has reunited in it's "almost" original incarnation of Claudio Simonetti, Maurizio Guarrini and Massimo Morante and is set to tour North America this fall. For those interested, but not in-the-know the band is internationally renown for ridiculously lush, over-the-top film scores for early (and arguably the best) Dario Argento, George A. Romero and Michele Soavi movies.

It is true that lately there was a particularly strong resurgence of interest in all things soundtrack, especially when it comes to giallo or horror scores. Most famous example is flourishing Death Waltz imprint started by ex-manager at Rough Trade East London store Spencer Hickman. It may have only started operations in 2012, but has already unleashed gorgeously packaged new and old horror-affiliated scores by Fabio Frizzi, Walter Rizzati and, most famously, whole set of John Carpenter & Alan Howarth synth confectionaries. If he could commission artwork for "The Fog" to such art-luminary as Dinos Chapman things must be going pretty well.

Death Waltz is not the only label preoccupied with horror-soundtracks business. In recent memory we have seen such works as Fabio Frizzi score for Lucio Fulci psychedelic masterpiece "The Beyond" released by Mondo. Well-known archivists at Finders Keepers put out tons of stuff as well. Luboš Fišer soundtrack for czech surrealist fantasia "Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders", Andrzej Korzyński's psychotic death-disco for Andrzej Zuławski's "Possession" famously featuring 10-minute monster-birth escapade by young Isabelle Adjani and Philippe D'Aram & Pierre Raph experiments for Jean Rollin's arty vampire-flicks. German label SPV licensed the whole collection of Popol Vuh ambient and new age soundscapes for Werner Herzog films.

So this makes it the right time to give some well-deserved love for the italian prog-maestros. More than 30 years away from their most successful and fruitful period with slots at Sanremo festival and chart-topping records (well, at least in some European countries) Goblin will strike the pose again. People who saw their recent performance organized by Unsound music festival in Kraków testify that greyed members of the band didn't lose any of their electrifying stage presence (see the video of their 1978 live performance below). 

The aforementioned Death Waltz is somehow affiliated with the whole thing and was heavily promoting the first ever Goblin show in LA on October 22nd, which sold out almost immediately. There will also be exclusively-licensed tour EP put out as well. Montreal will see Simonetti & Co perform at Le National on October 10. Needless to say that this is something not to miss. See you there.