TGIF: Friday The 13th & Waxwork Label

This year we have not one, but TWO Friday the 13th.

If you love all things horror as we do - this is the definite occasion to celebrate with some serious back-to-back old-school chiller marathon.

On the similar theme there is a marvellous new imprint Waxwork based out of unruly city of New Orleans that has recently joined the game of unearthing classic horror soundtracks and re-releasing them in gorgeous packaging with mind-boggling collectible extras. It sets out to be a really strong competition to nearly flawless UK operation Death Waltz, US-based Mondo and more esoteric OST selections from Finders Keepers crew.

Waxworks have only one release behind them at this point. Richard Band's extra-rare and previously hard-to-find orchestral score for the famous Stuart Gordon ecranisation of H.P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator (1985). Pressed on marbled green and Glow In The Dark wax it is a veritable objet d'art and wet dream of any horror-paraphernalia collector.

The month of October seems to prepare another stab at the competitors with 180-gram edition of John Harrison synth-soundscapes for George A. Romero's zombie-classic "Day Of The Dead" (coincidentally released the same year as Re-Animator). It is already available for pre-order at Waxwork store.

Label head Kevin Bergeron have recently announced further release plan for 2013, which promises no less than late Krzysztof Komeda accompaniment to Roman Polanski's unbeatable satanist epic "Rosemary's Baby" and highly-influential "Friday The 13th" (1980) (original trailer below) soundtrack by prolific US composer and jazz-musician Harry Manfredini.

Happy Friday the 13th folks! 

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