Entertainment: Cory Arcangel & Forbidden Planet

If you happen to be located in or visiting Montreal and don't know what to do with your time consider accepting our humble attempt at offering a few fabulous options.

Option A. DHC Art is here to save the world of Montreal modern art galleries from boredom and inaptness. Please, treat yourself with Cory Arcangel show currently on display there. This well-known and established Brooklyn-bred artist have a really wacky sense of humour and impeccable sense of cultural trends.

As a society we reached the point where we constantly move through the senseless, repetitious and non-discriminate cycles of all-enveloping nostalgia. To the point where CD cases can be fetishized as an iconic art-object and grace album art-works of certain hip-hop celebrities. Be prepared to swallow Arcangel's ironic, but harsh standpoint on the issue and prominent use of Comic Sans type font.

What awaits is a highly-entertaining succession of oversized modernist-mocking digital prints of Photoshop gradients, mutilated console video games, Guns N' Roses song re-imagined as minimalist composition and montage of Youtube-derived videos of cats playing Schoenberg.

Option B. While the glorious days of the late-80's acid-house raves are long gone and there are no breakthroughs in time-travelling, we have to deal with the dreary and painful world of commercial nightlife or forget about dancing whatsoever.

Well, not anymore. Now we have bi-monthly Forbidden Planet parties that combine good old-school-flavoured secret-location parties in industrial lofts with great curatorial decisions and uncompromising dance music. Organized by young local team of promoters the night had grown into a fully-formed operation with bi-monthly nights and a flagship dance label launched in May 2013 with the 12" release of Detroit's own D'Marc Cantu. 

Now moving into its 13th edition the party have brought the impeccable roster of selectors to the various gritty locations of Montreal's Mile End including such talents as PAN's boss Bill Kouligas, Container, Anthony Naples, L.I.E.S.-heads Ron Morelli & Terekke, Prosumer & Murat Tepeli. Most recently we have been graced by 6-hour set brought to us by the owners of the storied Brooklyn vinyl store Dope Jams.

The next party is happening tomorrow (Saturday, August 9, 2013) with Rush Hour-affiliated Hunee. Judging by the agitation @ Forbidden Planet Fan Page, tickets are going fast but still could be purchased at Phonopolis and/or Atom Heart stores.

Even if you have to miss this one, the upcoming event is planned for August 30th with Eric Cloutier (apparently resident in Williamsburg's own techno-basement Bunker). Way more exciting however is September 8th appearance of the great visionary of hypnotic techno-grooves Kassem Mosse.

All tickets require voluntary submission of email address for further communication of secret locale. As is expected BYOB, ridiculous dancing and sweat-resistant clothes are encouraged.