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20 Xmas Gift Ideas For Crate Diggers: 90's Electronica (Part 5 of 5)

In this issue of our Xmas guide to essential vinyl buys we are revisiting the 90s (vastly overrated time if we talk about creativity in music) and paying tribute to two of the most important (and recently reissued) records that have defined the unstable continuity of decade's electronic and dance music. One is the "Old Testament" of ambient techno and the other is a perversely accessible collection of funerary nocturnes to one of decade's most feted sub-genres.

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20 Xmas Gift Ideas For Crate Diggers: World Music & Easy Listening (Part 4 of 5)

This entry in our ongoing Xmas vinyl-buying guide concentrates on ethnographic folk curios that are generally combined under the slightly derogatory term of “world music” and some of the most intriguing artifacts from the ‘mondo bizarro’ of obscure easy listening and exotica.

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20 Xmas Gift Ideas For Crate Diggers: Techno & Electro (Part 3 of 5)

If you have been browsing through the crates labeled Techno in the past couple of months there is a great chance you’ll end up with empty checking account by the end of the exercise. There’s really too much good techno music been released right now and quite a few classics come back in “fancied-up” packages after a long time being available for crazy buck via private collectors and traders. If selling your kidney is not an option here’s the Top 3 techno plates to carry you through the winter: compilation of top-notch Detroit electro, 90s techno-funk reissue and the forthcoming new album from modern electronic music auteur.

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20 Xmas Gift Ideas For Crate Diggers: Krautrock & Doom Metal (Part 2 of 5)

We continue our guide to the most desirable fetish-objects for the seasoned shellac hoarders. Now it’s the turn of guitar music lovers. We have decided to stick to the obvious choice of the long-awaited 17xLP studio albums collection by Germany’s supreme avant rock collective Can on Mute and too-long-out-of-print Halloween coloured-wax edition of the drone metal epic “Black One” by Stephen O’Malley’s Sunn O))).

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20 Xmas Gift Ideas For Crate Diggers: Jazz, Minimal Wave & Synthpop (Part 1 of 5)

Timely for the gifts-heavy season there is a real abundance of options available for crate diggers, collectors and music lovers to choose from. Be it jazz, 90's electornica, obscure synth-pop,  techno, easy listening, minimal wave, krautrock, world music, electro or more heady experimental stuff, any tastes are easily satisfied nowadays. 

Here is our guide to help in picking out the real gems. We'll start with jazz, minimal wave and synthpop.

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New Age Re-branding: Laraaji's "Essence/Universe" & "I Am The Center" compilation

Re-branding of new age into legitimate music genre with respected heritage continues with the seminal reissue of one Brian Eno protégé Edward Larry Gordon's (more known as Laraaji) 1987 classic “Essence / Universe” and massive anthology on Seattle’s Light In The Attic “I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990”.

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Patrick Cowley's revelatory early instrumental works compiled on "School Days"

Patrick Cowley was without a doubt one of the most important innovators of late-period disco. He has produced Sylvester (arguably his most popular records), came up with immortal 15+ minutes-long epic remix of "I Feel Loved" and singlehandedly invented serotonin-driven version of sped-up electronic disco tailored for early 80's underground gay clubs and known as HI-NRG.

Recently released "School Days" collection compiles his lesser-known early instrumental work to give a new spin on producer's trajectory to later success in re-imagining dance music.

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15 Most Anticipated Electronic & Experimental Reissues Q4 2013 (Part 3 of 3)

Final five entries in our feature dedicated to 2013 Q4's most wanted electronic and experimental music reissues. This one focuses on rediscovered early 80's Buchla experiments by Charles Cohen on Rabih Beaini's reliable Morphine, long-awaited repress of main titles in Boards Of Canada illustrious back-catalogue, horror-soundtracks by Komeda and Harrisson just in time for Halloween, Artemiev's classic score for Tarkovsky, Cabaret Voltaire's fancy box-set and the latest issue in Jim O'Rourke's Old News series.

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15 Most Anticipated Electronic & Experimental Reissues Q4 2013 (Part 2 of 3)

Part two of three in our feature on just released and forthcoming hottest reissues and compilations in electronic and experimental music that deserve to be in your collection. Features Seefeel, Woo, The Haxan Cloak,  Sensations' Fix and Trevor Jackson's compilation for Strut.

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15 Most Anticipated Electronic & Experimental Reissues Q4 2013 (Part 1 of 3)

It takes dedication to navigate through music release schedule these days. Especially for the uninitiated and even more so when it comes to more "esoteric stylings". To help in making decision on what deserves your attention in the next couple of months in electronic, experimental and dance music we have compiled the list of 15 most interesting and hotly anticipated compilations and reissues until the end of 2013. Part 1 of 3 features Popol Vuh, Theo Parrish & Black Jazz, Arthur Russell, Fluxion and Labradford.

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