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Tropic Of Cancer, Forest Swords & OPN save the music video (for the time being)

The unfortunate fate of music video genre may repeat the same sad story of discarded media carriers such as CD or something as useless as Blu-Ray. But if you can still insert discs in some older version of your Mac laptops, music videos stopped making sense since TV channels turned their back on the format. 

Anyhow, once in a blue moon we still get to see some genuinely startling examples of the craft primarily supplied from the fringes of popular music. This time it's the turn of Pedro Maia's colour-saturated symbolism for Tropic Of Cancer, Dave Ma's balet-noir for Forest Swords and Jon Rafman's harsh art-piece for Oneohtrix Point Never.


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Art: Phi Centre + Film Screenings / Bureau & Kolakis

If you've got some appetite for visual stimulation you can do worse than visiting "Living in a Material World" exhibit currently on at Montreal Old Port's newest and hipest art-shelter Phi Center. Presented are the works of locally-based greek artist and sculptor Valérie Kolakis and quebecois painter Paul Bureau in a court, but vivid exhibition.

Also check out gallery's film screening program that is going from strength to strength, especially in the climate of art-film vacuum created by city's decaying film festivals.

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Art & Music: Mark Leckey & The Cult of Nostalgia

In my mind nostalgia was a term allotted within the experience of mid-XX century immigré in the alien urban metropolis or an impossibly melancholic Tarkovsky movie of the same title. At least up until recently, when this word started to be increasingly used in relation to everything, starting with furniture and ending with conceptual art.

Talking about the latter, one early work of Turner-awarded artist Mark Leckey started to pop up quite frequently when talking about culture's current reluctance to move beyond obsessive recycling of the past. The work in question is his video "Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore".

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Art & Music: Takeshi Murata + Oneohtrix Point Never

Our favourite amongst US synth-revivalists of the early 00's, Daniel Lopatin (better known as Oneohtrix Point Never) has a new album "R Plus Seven" in the pipeline for his new home at Warp Records, which we are intensely enthusiastic about. And now even more since the teaser-video for it's first single has been directed by super-hot NYC-artist Takeshi Murata. It is called "Problem Areas" and it's a stunner, both musically and visually.  


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