Autechre L-Event EP, live-set from 1991 and two vintage pirate radio mixes on IBC

 This year marked two of Warp's very best electronic acts, Autechre & Boards Of Canada, coming back with new albums. Timing couldn't be more appropriate since things have apparently come full circle and the new generation of producers is actively lifting ideas from the artists' back-catalogue for some time now.

As I write this Warp is going through massive Hexagon-reissue of Boards Of Canada out-of-print LPs and selected singles. Autechre is not lagging behind and is set to release new EP "L-Event" later this month.

By coincidence or not, earlier this week we saw fabulous "new old" video of young Rob Brown and Sean Booth in their full-on Lego Feet electro-mode performing live at their hometown's Rochdale Bojangles venue in 1991. This is a very special artifact for all Autechre fans and the reminder that no matter how complex and impenetrable duo's music became over the years it started out undeniably inspired by hip-hop, electro and acid house dance abandon.

It is not yet known if the release of "L-Event" will be accompanied with one of Autechre's traditional epic online radio transmissions. The last 20 (!) hours of their old-school heavy webcast commemorating the release of "Exai" is still available for stream on MixlrIf that's still not enough (or not retro enough), there are two shows Rob and Sean did for IBC pirate radio around the same time as the Sweatbox video. Both are available for download via Percussion Lab. Considering how on-trend the pirate radio allusions became this year with Paul Woolford's Special Request and Four Tet releasing albums allegedly inspired by its 90's heyday, it may be interesting to compare with the real deal.