Bookworms & Steve Summers - Possible Worlds (Confused House) 12"

Bookworms & Steve Summers - Possible Worlds (Confused House) 12"


L.I.E.S. affiliated producers' first release on their own Confused House label. Amazing trippy house in the best traditions of astral freakouts and fried synth-jams by Chicago's own Jamal Moss.

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Bookworms and Steve Summers are best known for their 12" releases on L.I.E.S. Former's "African Rhythms" is indisputably label's most high-profile release yet. Confused House is the outlet to release material guys have accumulated recording in their shared apartment in Brooklyn.

"Possible Worlds" pretty much accumulates both producers strength in creating free-flowing analogue-tinted and improvisation-based dance music with a keen ear for interesting if not entirely original sound-design and sprawling synthwork. 


A1. Possible Worlds

B1. Unknown Number

B2. Let It Run