Bnjmn - Unknown 2 (Rush Hour White Label) 12"

Bnjmn - Unknown 2 (Rush Hour White Label) 12"


More functional and dancefloor-ready sounds from the most inspiring new producer on Rush Hour responsible for two of 2011's best electronic albums.

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Bnjmn (real name Ben Thomas) has only appeared on the radar in 2011, but in his first year releasing music he managed to put out two of that year's best electronic albums in "Plastic World" quickly followed and eclipsed by widescreen vistas of "Black Square". All of this has been backed by the famed Dutch veteran dance label of rare integrity Rush Hour. Both Bnjmn's albums, if slightly different in production style, showed impeccable sense for melody and sound-design most readily reminding of early Aphex Twin. "Unknown 2" was producer's first foray into functional 12" format and these three tracks for Rush Hour White Label series show that he is no less proficient and imaginative when it comes to hypnotic late-night emo-techno rollers.


A1. Minus One

B1. Shadow

B2. Unrest