Bleaching Agent - Part One / Part Two (Mira) 2x10"

Bleaching Agent - Part One / Part Two (Mira) 2x10"


Blackened techno industrialism by anonymous Bleaching Agent project on Avian sub-label Mira. Artwork by Juan Mendez of Silent Servant and Sandwell District fame.

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Mira is relatively new sub-label of Avian that belongs to the artist known as Shifted and is dedicated to a more experimental side to Avian usual fare of Surgeon and Regis strain of British mid-90's techno. Bleaching Agent music has been previously released on acclaimed Opal Tapes and Komisch. His style is a potent combination of less adventurous awkward funk of Powell's No Wave mannerisms and Luke Slater's Planetary Assault System abandon of his Peacefrog period.

Records come with four dj-friendly locked grooves, one per side. Artwork for all Mira releases is accomplished by Juan Mendez known to many as ex-member of Sandwell District and Tropic Of Cancer, mastermind behind Silent Servant and purveyor of all things minimal wave.

Tracklist (Part One): 

A1. 22ml

A2. 48ml

A3. 64ml (Locked Groove) 

B1. 33ml

B2. 9ml

B3. 54ml (Locked Groove) 

Tracklist (Part Two): 

A1. 75ml

A2. 95ml

A3. 220ml (Locked Groove) 

B1. 37ml

B2. 89ml

B3. 3ml (Locked Groove)