Black Rain - Protoplasm (Blackest Ever Black) 12"

Black Rain - Protoplasm (Blackest Ever Black) 12"


Stuart Argabright of Ike Yard fame with live recordings of his recently resurrected Black Rain project on one-and-only Blackest Ever Black.

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Stuart Argabright have been active force in underground music since early 80'sm being mastermind behind short-lived, but influential No Wave band Ike Yard. Thanks to curatorial brilliance of Blackest Ever Black, his later cyber-punk inspired work as Black Rain have finally seen the light of day compiled on "Now I'm Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994-95". It was followed-up by live performance at label's showcase in Corsica Studios, London and happily sparked enough inspiration for the full new album promised in 2014. Meanwhile we have the aforementioned live performance pressed on this ultra-limited slab of wax. Minimal, futuristic, glistening with monochrome surfaces and rhythmically complex as you would expect.


A1. Data River

A2. Night.City.Tokyo (London Version) 

A3. Endourban

A4. Protoplasm