Ben Vida - Monoblock's and 200 Tracks b/w TQ80108 (Alku) LP

Ben Vida - Monoblock's and 200 Tracks b/w TQ80108 (Alku) LP


Ben Vida presents his further adventures into the depths of computed-generated sound synthesis on Spain's leading experimental imprint Alku.

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Ben Vida is one of the most interesting experimental electronics musicians in New York right now. His work with sound is quite astonishing and idiosyncratic. Closer in purpose to sound art. His stock as a recording artist has risen over the last couple of years thanks to high-profile collaboration with Keith Fullerton Whitman and brilliant album "esstends-esstends-esstends" for PAN Records. "Monoblock..." is quite an advanced listening reminding of the work by likeminded musicians, such as Hecker, Kevin Drumm, Russel Haswell and even less melodic Fennesz. However Vida's hand is pretty much discernible from the get go thanks to his trademark piercing glassy frequencies. 

Stream artist's blinding live-set recorded at PAN-ACT Festival in New York.


A1. Monoblock.1

A2. Monoblock.2

A3. 200.1

A4. Monoblock.3

A5. 200.2

B1. TQ.1

B2. TQ.2

B3. TQ.3