Ben Frost - Steel Wound (Room40) LP

Ben Frost - Steel Wound (Room40) LP


Newly rediscovered debut album by Australia's main experimental export - composer and avant guitar guru Ben Frost.

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Ben Frost is a well-established avant hero by this point. Very much in the vein of his close counterparts like Fennesz (also experimental musician and guitarist) or Tim Hecker. So it's interesting to investigate the seeds of the grandeur-to-come. Surprisingly Frost' debut LP "Steel Wound" released in 2003 by small Australian label Room40 finds him in a pretty much formed shape. Albeit more melodic and emotional than he would allow himself be in the later, more complex and demanding statements of "By The Throat" variety.

It mostly reminds of similarly sad uplift of late-period Tindersticks' soundtracks for Claire Denis films, Earth at their most meditative or some well-known guitar acts on Kranky. There is definitely less horror, shock and no abrasiveness here. Instead it's a well-considered atmospheric piece elevated by supernatural ability to squeeze every last bit of emotion out Frost' instrument aided by restrained use of vocal and field recordings. Re-release is issued by the same label in a pretty limited run of 500 copies.


A1. Swarm... 001

A2. ...I Lay My Ear To Furious Latin 012

A3. You, Me And The End Of Everything 018

B1. Steel Wound 028

B2. Last Exit To Brookly 038

B3. And I Watched You Breathe 049