Bandshell - Caustic View (Liberation Technologies) 12"

Bandshell - Caustic View (Liberation Technologies) 12"


Talented youngster discovered by always on-point Hessle Audio deliveres blistering 2nd 12" on Mute's new electronics dedicated offshoot Liberation Technologies.

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Angus Grant knows his way through fractured post-dubstep and grime rhythms. He is an author of one of the most disfigured groovers on Hessle Audio famous for its constant strive for the most futuristic club productions.

Liberation Technologies A&R person knew who to employ then for the maximum impact 12" to sit well among British Murder Boys brutalist techno and Laurel Halo's vapourous dance music approximation. Bandshell goes for full-on eclecticism here presenting his knowledgably complicated studies on such disparate genres as colourful synth grime a-la Zomby, dreamy IDM techno circa Warp's Artificial Intelligence compilations and his usual fare of distorted mind version of what is now left of UK dubstep music.


A1. Winton

A2. Perc

B1. NIce Mullet

B2. Landill