Aybee - Worlds (Deepblak) 2xLP Limited Edtn Yellow Wax

Aybee - Worlds (Deepblak) 2xLP Limited Edtn Yellow Wax


Sci-fi deep techno opus by Oakland's Armon Bazile continuing fine tradition of american afro-futurism.

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Aybee's music is deeply influenced by eccentric black jazz musicians and some of the most esoteric techno producers in the game simultaneously. That's why, you know, there's a lot cosmos going on. Tracks on "Worlds" are all space stations, solarises and cosmic ships landing. It would be a bit overwhelming if the music wouldn't be as grandiose. "Worlds" is this rare best this days, Carl Craig-grade emotive techno perfectly calibrated to hold as an epic album preoccupied more with atmosphere and space creation rather than rhythm or functionality.

This is also a testament to the skill of the producer that there is absolute minimum of recognizable 4x4 stomp going on here. Every track is weirdly fractured rhythmically, textures are layered to sum up in unrecognizable timbres, melodies are understated and overall sound spectrum is breathing with space and colour. Aybee's intention to fit it all into sci-fi narrative is cute as well, but not essential for utter joy the music brings. There were no techno albums like this in a long while and I'm afraid there won't be any time soon. Or until Armon unleash another wave of unbridled creativity upon unsuspecting audience.


A1. The Portal


A3. Rays

B1. Dawn

B2. Landing

B3. Moon's Whisper

C. Solaris

D1. What Is

D2. Ascending