Austin Cesear - Cruise Forever (Public Information) LP

Austin Cesear - Cruise Forever (Public Information) LP


Dub-infused slab of techno-cubism from incognito West Coast producer on always fascinating Public Information.

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So there is nothing known about the producer who made this record and even some time after the release of "Cruise Forever" we have yet to see the follow-up. But even if doesn't ever materialize "Cruise Forever" has everything you need to lose yourself in the perfectly-formed alien world of Austin Cesear. This is what a lot of dub techno devotees should strive for instead of constructing another studied exercise of Basic Channel formula. This record is deeply psychedelic, shining and breathing form of organic-sounding techno floating over superstructures of the well-established and easily mutating form. It's simultaneously familiar and alien, warm and cold, emotional and impenetrable. This is perfectly-formed piece of universe that does not need any inhabitants. It's much more fitting to just glide over its surface and contemplate it.


A1. Cloud Hall

A2. If You Knew What Would You Do

A3. The Groove

A4. Forest Forever

A5. Peralta Palaca

B1. The Beast

B2. Mountain Ascension

B3. Shut In

B4. In The Depths Of The Ocean Is Our Capitol

B5. Travellers In Faith Dub