Anthony Naples - RAD-AN1 (Rubadub) 12"

Anthony Naples - RAD-AN1 (Rubadub) 12"


Three distilled dance missiles commissioned by storied Scottish shop and distro Rubadub.

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If its a Rubadub white label you pretty much can be sure that this is going to be good. Shop is one of the finest techno selectors in Europe and their label released many dance music finest over the years. Kirk Degiorgio, Claude Young, Model 500, DeepChord, DMX Krew, Slam, Neil Landstruum, Tin Man. Now Anthony Naples can proudly consider himself the youngest in this roster of acclaimed techno mavericks. And it took him exactly two singles to get in there. As to the music it is of the highest order. Swinging, grinding and rolling hard-kicked house monsters. This is built to last and will be played in many years from now. There is hope producer will keep his quality level high and creativity flowing.


A1. Ill Still

A2. Faceless

B. I Don't See Them