Anthony Naples - Mad Disrespect (Mister Saturday Night) 12"

Anthony Naples - Mad Disrespect (Mister Saturday Night) 12"


Stunning debut 12" from Brooklyn's brightest (and youngest) house music hope on NYC's hippest Mister Saturday Night.

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Few years back I wouldn't expect Brooklyn to become such a hot bed for young house producers.  Sure, NYC always had its fare share of dance music talent, but it seems like these days newest supplies come off-island and in jumbo packs. Anthony Naples appeared on the radar most unexpectedly with this very 12" and got everyone fascinated by the potent mix of older styles re-packaged into stylish and self-aware quintessence of all that's been good about american dance music in the past 20 years. Naples production technique primarily relies on classic house music tropes and he likely knows his Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and Moodymann by heart. But you can tell straight away that this tunes are coming from east coast. However hard local producers may try to replicate raw and muffled Detroit sound New York house always ends up being in sharper focus. Not that it's any less compelling, which old guard like Nu Groove or newer school disciples (Levon VIncent, Dj Qu, Joey Anderson) readily prove.


A. Mad Disrespect

B1. Slackness

B2. Tusk