Alexander Lewis - A Luminous Veil (Blackest Ever Black) LP

Alexander Lewis - A Luminous Veil (Blackest Ever Black) LP


Decadent black dungeon industrial and scorched earth synth-techno on dependable Blackest Ever Black. 

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There is not much known about Alexander Lewis, but his debut album on Blackest Ever Black proved to be one of their most gloriously harsh releases so far. Although the perverted industrial noise and blasts of darkwave synths arpegiations fits overall aesthetic of BEB pretty well Lewis could be even more at home on Dominik Fernow's Hospital Production. "A Luminous Veil" has the same blank-eyed cultish feeling which characterizes so many of the old industrial guard and younger crop of tape-releasing occultists. The description form the label itself couldn't be more to-the-point "heartsore S&M techno". 


A1. The Third Room

A2. Black Thread

A3. Mirror Fragment

B1. She Demands Attention

B2. Figure Moving

B3. Winter Flower