Acteurs - Acteurs (Public Information) LP

Acteurs - Acteurs (Public Information) LP


Chicago's duo splendid debut planting obscure electronic No Wave sounds in 2013.

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Public Information is known for their ability to find new bright talents in underground music as well as they unearth hidden gems, such as 2012's F.C. Judd and Parry Music Library compilations.

"Acteurs" is the product of Chicago-based duo of Jeremy Lemos and Brian Case. Clearly the record is inspired by the more electronic side of NY No Wave movement and the work of Stuart Argabright as part of Ike Yard in the early 80's and his subsequent foray into dystopian soundtracks for cyber-punk movies under Black Rain alias. "Acteurs" is then pitch-perfect rendition of the sound, which manages to succeed on it's own by sheer energy charge of the material, very interesting production and clever sequencing. We didn't get to hear too much of this particular strain of No Wave, so the new take is very welcome indeed.


A1. Cloud Generating

A2. Lowow

A3. Dusk Removing

A4. Folden Rabbit

B1. Critter

B2. Frozen Fog