A Number Of Names - Sharevari (Capriccio) 12"

A Number Of Names - Sharevari (Capriccio) 12"


Proto-techno dance classic from Detroit circa 1981. Legend has it that this one actually preceded Cybotron's era-defining "Alleys Of Your Mind". 

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Glorious example of how blunt and a bit naive aping of contemporary influences (that in the early 80's being Kraftwerk, electronic disco and The Normals's "Warm Leatherette") can result in genuinely futuristic and innovative music. Pounding italo-bassline accompanied by rudimentary drum-machine pattern and some deadpan silly rhyming on the label called Capriccio. That's what I call fun.

Below is the excerpt from the cult dance show The Scene on  WGPR-TV 62 channel illustrating one of Detroit's techno rare attempts at international crossover. Hard to believe nowadays. 


A. Sharevari (Vocal) 

B. Sharevari (Instrumental)