2562 - Air Jordan (When In Doubt) 12"

2562 - Air Jordan (When In Doubt) 12"


Eastern-tinged bass experiments by Dave Huismans inspired by the trip to Jordan's deserts. 

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Hailing from Hague, Netherlands Dave Huismans is usually mentioned in line with the most influential experimentalists in UK-centric bass music originating in mid-00's dubstep and grime scenes. He infamously helped to spearhead dubstep's early mutation towards grey-scale techno with his A Made Up Sound 12"s, released one of the genre's defining albums "Unbalance" and constructed what is essentially a modern breakbeat record on the base of old disco records samples ("Fever" 2011).

"Air Jordan" is Dave's latest 12" under his most adventurous nickname 2562. Inspired by the trip to the Jordan area deserts it makes good use of the field recordings captured on the road. Taking into consideration slightly ominous nature of the locale the record most readily reminds of the work by fellow producer Shackleton. Sampled and re-pitched tribal drums arranged into intricate rhythms set to floating metallic synth-drones and tranced-out chants.


A1. Solitary Sheepbell

A2. Desert Lament

B1. Jerash Hekwerken

B2. Nocturnal Drummers