1991 - High-Tech High-Life (Opal Tapes) LP

1991 - High-Tech High-Life (Opal Tapes) LP


Masterstroke of cold ambient soundscapes and drifting gauzy synth instrumentals straight out of Gothenburg, Sweden. "Selected Ambient Works" for new generation. Highly recommended for AFX, Boards Of Canada and Leyland Kirby lovers. 

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Originally released on Opal Tapes in 2012 and recently re-pressed in hyper-limited hand-numbered edition on vinyl. Axel Backman's indisputable and universally loved "High-Tech High-Life" is as icily evocative and dystopian as it gets. Heavy ambience, thick pitch-bend synths, lots of tape hiss and enveloping goth-sci-fi atmospheres for urban decay under lead northern skies.


A1. Press On (Ruff Rub) 

A2. Elma (Ruff Rub) 

A3. Hiromis Theme

B1. Untitled