Andrew & Vlad's Honeymoon Gift Registry

Dear invited & much beloved guest,

Some of you have been making quite a to-do over our lack of a gifts registry (you know who you are).  And despite our protestations that we have enough stuff (seriously, too much stuff!), and that your presence at the wedding is gift enough (it really is!), you have persisted in your requests for a list.  

Herewith, a list of gifts that we would love you to buy us - but they are not things, they are experiences.  Experiences that Vlad and Andrew can share (and send documentary photographs to you of us enjoying your gift) while we're in Palm Springs.  It will be like you're there with us, without that awkward third wheel feeling you get when hanging out with two men on their honeymoon.

Simply click on a gift that suits you, and you can pay for it with any major credit card right now!  You will be asked for a shipping address, but as these are all cash transactions you can simply set the delivery address to be the same address as your credit card.  Voila!  Wedding gift done and dusted!