Expose your business to a new conversion channel and win new customers.

If you need quick, reliable, and trackable online exposure for your products or services, you probably have already thought about paid search advertising.  Maybe you've even tried it…

Indeed, paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is a good, fast, and sometimes the only short-term way to get visibility when optimizing for organic search results is not an option or too slow, and full-scale print advertising is too expensive. But even if you do have great organic traffic and a slick print campaign, PPC is a great tool to increase conversion rates and turn your prospects into paying customers.

At Atelier ID we offer a fully self-sufficient and managed display ads service for our clients. That entails:

  • campaign specific keyword research
  • copywriting
  • design
  • managed placement
  • campaigns design and implementation across all platforms
  • tracking installation
  • reporting (external and internal)
  • ongoing optimization and management
  • compliance

Don't forget: in comparison to any other form of traditional advertising PPC is a great and considerably less expensive way to market to a huge online population with a great set of targeting and reporting possibilities. On top of that you get invaluable and immediate conversion data from your leads and customers!